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The "Itty Bitty Bullet Bag"

The "Itty Bitty Bullet Bag" is our own creation. We realized the need among Cowboy shooters for a convenient way to carry both live ammunition to the loading table, and a way to hold on to your empties.

The "Itty Bitty Bullet Bag" can attach to either the shooters belt, or suspender straps. It is small and lightweight so as to not cause any distraction when shooting.

The Itty Bitty Bullet Bag can be worn on the belt, or the suspenders.

The "Itty Bitty Bullet Bag" is perfect for holding those empties. When worn on the belt it's easy to empty your pistols directly into them. Whether or not you do this, it's perfect for holding those empties as you take your equipment back to your gun cart.

The Itty Bitty Bullet Bag is convenient for holding your empty brass.

We have other bags available as well. Please contact us ( for additional information.

Other bags are available.